Membership Types

Membership includes all staff and personnel who work for your company.


Contractor Membership is open to any reputable and worthy individual, firm, or corporation actively engaged as contractors in the painting and decorating business, which includes the services of painting and decorating, sign writing, paperhanging, and the application of any and all type of wall covering, the finishing of wood, metal or any other surface; also the application by spray of insulating and acoustical materials, the application of wet film waterproofing coatings, the application of all other coatings, for decorative and protective purposes.


Associate Members are manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors, and dealers in painters’ and decorators’ equipment, coatings, services, wallpaper, fabrics and materials of all kinds used in connection or incidental to the conduct of the painting and decorating business. Associate members sell their products or services directly to contractors. This category may also include non-painting related companies who sell, directly to contractors, goods or services related to the business management of a painting contracting company.


Affiliate Membership is open to all companies, governmental bodies or institutions (other than contractors) employing persons in connection with or incidental to the coating application industry that do not sell goods or services directly to painting contractors. This may include manufacturers representatives who supply products to the paint industry distribution chain, but who do not sell directly to painting contractors. Its objective is to better the entire industry through a united effort on the part of contractors, manufacturers, jobbers, dealers, applicators and allied services.


Subsidiary Members are companies that sell paint products manufactured by a current, and fully paid Associate Member.

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