January 2020 Newsletter

Portland Chapter PCA

January 2020 Newsletter

Debie Henkel, Executive Advisor

HAPPY 2020 to all Portland Chapter PCA members!!

Yes, I know the transition from our former (and LONG time acronym) PDCA to our new branding is different, but the change aligns us with our National PCA Chapter and eliminates confusion for the public as well, which is a good thing. Let’s celebrate change!

Comradery and support filled the Stockpot dining room to capacity at the Annual 2020 Associate & Affiliate Night! As with past events, Associate and Affiliate Members generously provided product samples and expert advice, and weTHANK THEM enormously for their participation and professionalism. Our PCA trade association supports all stages of our industry, from manufacturer to retail sales and several supportive partners to the industry. So PLEASE, Contractor Members, demonstrate returned support and respect through your business purchases.

The November Breakthrough Academy, presented by Benji Carlson, was a hit! Given an overall 9 rating by attendees, comments said it better: “really good content,” “get a follow up meeting,” “Everyone seemed engaged.” “Very relevant.” THANK YOU to everyone who filled out those program surveys!

SPEAKING OF PROGRAM SURVEYS . . . this year your Board of Directors has decided to offer Starbucks gift cards for member feedback (one per meeting drawn at random). Yahoo! Why? Because member input helps us evaluate the relevance of content that we work hard to bring to our PCA Chapter Meetings. We are always committed to helping you grow and sustain your businesses with effective, engaging, relevant and fun information. But imagine if we think it’s relevant and fun, but you don’t – that’s a problem! So, if you choose not to put your name on the surveys in order to win that Starbucks gift card, we still appreciate the feedback! THANK YOU ALL!

And finally, as spring approaches and we happily brace and busy ourselves in preparation for the frantic exterior season . . .  take a breath. Remember what’s REALLY important in life: relationships. Business relationships, yes. Associate relationships, of course. Family and friends relationships, absolutely. Relationships are what nourish the sole and see us through all the curve balls and strike outs in life (can you tell I just watched Field of Dreams for the hundredth time?). Without relationships and special memory making moments, the successes aren’t worth a damn. Like the ephemeral beauty of a sunrise or sunset, special moments are a flash in time. So, turn off the electronics and have a catch with your kids, or if you’re lucky enough to still have your dad around…have a catch with him. And don’t forget that special “significant other” in your life. I leave you all with a quote:

“Be careful you’re not so busy making a good living that you fail to make a good life.”

If you know where this quote came from, tell me at the next Chapter Meeting.


FEBRUARY, MARCH, APRIL 2020 – Buffalo Gap, 6835 SW Macadam Ave.

February 18th – Larry Johnson, LaPorte Insurance, will present:  Death, Destruction, and Total Mayhem: A game-show format to review potential claims.



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